How I Googled the Best Opportunities in my Life

2 Feb

205744_550997198244596_192529316_nI am a very critical person when it comes to trusting search engines and their results. And it drives me mad when someone says “it’s on Internet” – like if that was an information at all. Still, I happened to randomly “google” couple of the best opportunities in my life.

Several years ago when I was looking for a school where I could pursue my master degree, I was so desperate making that decision, that I finally decided to simply search it through Google by typing in all the keywords which seemed interesting to me. Three years later I graduated from Electronic Culture and Semiotics at Charles University in Prague, and for many reasons, I would certainly  see this as a relevant search result.

A very similar story lead to one of my first jobs as well. I was studying theatre history at that time, and I randomly typed in the name of a former Czechoslovak president Václav Havel into a search engine to see what comes out of it (I was reading one of his books at that time). It brought me to a page with volunteer positions in a foundation he co-founded. I applied for it and after couple of months of volunteering, I became a project assistant and later on a project manager of several interesting projects.

Once again, relevant search result. (Even though rather unintended.)

At the beginning of 2012, I’ve decided to apply for an internship somewhere abroad as I was seeking some new inspiration. Going through various portals with internship opportunities seemed like a waste of time to me, so I typed in “new media”, “center” and “Europe” and hit enter. It may not surprise you I ended up doing my internship at the International Centre for New Media.

It’s obvious that search results are tailored to each user (depending on what kind of pages does he or she usually browses), but more importantly they depend on our willingness to actually find what we’re looking for. And not to stop until we find it.

I think I’ve found what I needed because I was willing to reach out for it. If I was just waiting for someone to offer me something, I probably wouldn’t go far. But I’ve decided to act like a digital native an a native entrepreneur – being a co-producer of the opportunities that come my way. As it seems that it is the best way for all of us to go these days in order to fight the omnipresent youth unemployment, and don’t let our chances to drown in the endless ocean of Internet.


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