The ‘Magic’ World of Online Education

2 Feb

I’m deeply convinced there’s something wrong with university education (at least with humanities as far as I’m concerned), and I believe that the world we live in is getting less and less interested in what any kind of ‘paper’ we have to proof what we should know.

What we can learn from Generation Z

Career blogger and advisor Penelope Trunk describes the generation Z (people born after 1990) in her book The New American Dream as very capable ‘lifelong self-learners who take more personal responsibility for their ongoing education‘. We (Millennials) are on the other hand the generation who did everything we were told to do, but didn’t get what we expected. One of the interesting Trunk’s point is that we (unlike Gen Z) did not actually learn one important thing –  to take responsiblity for our own education.

Online education is changing that. By allowing us to be moderators of our own learning process and active seekers of information which can help us to get better in what we do.

I’ve been a fan of online education and a student of various webinars and online courses for almost two years now. It all started shortly after I graduated from university when I felt like I was missing something – new inputs, challenges, information…

I wanted to learn. Really learn, I mean. Voluntarily, with real interest and passion, choosing areas and topics depending on my current needs related to both – my professional as well as private life.

Few links you should check-out

I’ve been working in the nonprofit sector for couple of years, dealing mostly with project management and communication, and I’ve learned everything I know by doing. And I’ve  also learned a lot just from following interesting bloggers, attending webinars and online courses. In fact I’ve learned so much, that I’m organizing workshops now and teaching many young people where to find the right online tools, free online education and other useful sources.

Recently, I got very passionate about Codecademy which is a platform allowing anyone to learn basics of coding languages (not that I intend to become a website developer, but even taking care of this particular website you’re visiting right now can get much easier by knowing the basics). Or the Coursera which allows me to interact in courses delivered by universities like Princeton and Stanford, which I would otherwise never have a chance to attend. And there are many more:  Khan AcademyEdXSkillshare and General Assembly just to mention a few that I know about.

It’s not entirely free, actually

Free education isn’t actually entirely for free. You still need to invest a lot of time and effort if you really want to learn something. It is not a magic wound and it can’t  solve all the problems related to lack of access to education worldwide (even though I am very positive about the adoption of 3.0 web in developing countries and its potential for social good).  But the good thing is that each of us can try it on our own and take as much out of it as we can. I’ve learned many things thanks to various online platforms which I believe helped me to find a new job. All I needed was time, a bit of passion for learning and Internet access.

If you’re still hesitating, watch this TED talk bellow from Daphne Koller on What we’re learning from online education. It might be the right kick-off for you.

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4 Responses to “The ‘Magic’ World of Online Education”

  1. everythingwalathoughts February 2, 2013 at 18:10 #

    Its nice article & Online education can help you do multitasking :)

    • Lucia Gall February 3, 2013 at 15:56 #

      I’m actually not a fan of multi-tasking. It’s killing productivity :)
      I’ve been trying to learn to prioritize and focus for a while.

      • everythingwalathoughts February 4, 2013 at 17:24 #

        Yes you are also right “Complete the task which had started first “.
        But I would still say sometimes we need multitasking :)


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